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Nueva Mutua Sanitaria provides unique care you at every stage of your life. We take care of your healthcare so you can fully enjoy your retirement. Browse the range of specific insurance packages we designed specifically with over 65s in mind.

Apart from enjoying all the cover of Salud Abogacia Family, with this policy you have additional services, such as access to medical care and the pharmacy over the phone and help at home which you can find here. What's more, you have the option to avail of Senior Citizen care to maintain your quality of life. We provide a specialist for medical attention and healthcare advice.

This is the most basic insurance option Nueva Mutua Sanitaria offers customers over 65 years of age. With this product the cover of all consultations, for both primary care and specialist conditions, as well as certain diagnostic tests and the chiropody service is provided. It does not include medical treatment, hospitalisation or surgical operations.

For those who would like more cover than Salud Abogacia Family Primary Assistance, this product includes cover for all primary care and specialty medical consultations, certain diagnostic tests, treatments and hospitalisation. You will also have cover for all ambulance costs, chiropody, psychology and home care.
This product offers limited cover of Cardiology, Urology, Ophthalmology and Oncology specialties (excluding chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments). Prosthetic implants, rehabilitation treatment and certain diagnostic tests are not covered by this product (including PET TAC, PET RMN and bone densitometry).

With this policy, you enjoy the same cover as the Salud Abogacia Family insurance package ensuring your healthcare is fully protected. Medical attention will be provided exclusively by a personal medical team carefully selected by Nueva Mutua Sanitaria. This guarantees at least one specialist is always available.