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Choose who you want to look after your health.

At Nueva Mutua Sanitaria, we know that the relationship between doctor and patient plays a vital role in the provision of healthcare. That's why we believe that you should be given the option to visit the health centre or specialist of your choice to look after your health, and your family's too, safe in the knowledge that you're covered, regardless of whether or not the specialist you choose is one of Nueva Mutua Sanitaria's medical team. Introducing the insurance refund:

The Occupational Health Insurance Refund option allows you to visit the specialist of your choice in Spain or anywhere else in the world and, if they're not on our medical team, we will refund you between 80% and 90% of your expenses. If they are on our medical team, you will continue to get 100% coverage for all your expenses.

We'll make it easy for you to arrange reimbursement by offering you the option to request a refund online.

It's now even easier to look after your health than you thought.

There are two types of occupational health insurance refund policies:

80% refund in Spain and 70% refund abroad. The annual limit per insured is € 150,000.

90% refund in Spain and 80% refund abroad. The annual limit per insured is € 400,000.