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Nueva Mutua Sanitaria has over sixty five years' experience in taking care of professionals' health and quality of life at every stage of their lives. We have a service or product to fit all requirements. 

Continuing the work of the Medical Service of the Law Society of Madrid, Nueva Mutua Sanitaria provides a medical team made up of excellent professionals, approved health centres and hospitals all over Spain to policyholders.

Characterised by our absolute commitment to members and by the high standards of our services, we are concerned about the welfare of each and every customer. That's why we supply the best health assistance options available.

Our experience accumulated over more than six decades of attention and dedication to lawyers has allowed us to design and develop a wide range of products tailored to different professional groups. This way you are sure to find the perfect insurance to suit your lifestyle

Nueva Mutua Sanitaria has a portfolio of insurances created to respond to the needs of entrepreneurs and businesspeople who want to guarantee their health care and that of their families and employees. We also have products specifically for young people joining the workforce and professional women.